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1000watts 2000watts laser cutting machine for aluminum

1000watts 2000watts laser cutting machine for aluminum plate . If you have any questions or good suggestions on our products and site, or if you want to know more information about our products, please write them and send to us, we will contact you within one business day. 4mm stainless steel automatic iron sheet fiber laser metal 5. Cutting Head for cnc sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine for steel with cheap price. Super good brand or Imported Laser Cutting Head with dynamic focus function. High follower sensing cutting head using the principle of the capacitive sensor monitoring, provides a stable and fast cutting height automatically adjusting function. 6. Kylsystem

Automatic Metal Cutting Machine 300W , Easy Operation

Cutting thickness:stainless4mm. carbon steel plate5.0mm. copper1mm. aluminum2mm. Continuous work time:24h. Minimum cutting width:0.15mm. Cutting worktable:stainless steel ball supporting platform. The whole power cost:18KW. Focusing mirror configuration:3inch,choose 4 inch. Power supply:three-phase 380V/50Hz/45A. Applicable field CNC steel sheet metal laser cutter - laser cutting LUMEN PRO 3th- Generation from LASERMACH® The quality fiber laser sheet cutting machine affordable for everyone . Specially used for cutting 0.5-150 mm carbon steel, 0.5-40mm stainless steel, galvanized steel, electrolytic zinc-coated steel, silicon steel, 0.5-25mm aluminum, 0.5-12 mm brass and red copper and other kinds of thin metal sheets (The max thickness depends on the different power Fiber Laser Sheet Metal Cutting Machine - Sintec OptronicsHigh pressure of assisted gas, up to 20Bar. Suction system to remove fume and dust. Can be extended for pipe cutting. Applications:Cutting sheet metal like, mild steel, stainless steel, titanium, zinc coated steel, etc. Technical specifications:Model. C-FIBER-500-3000x1500. C-FIBER-500-1250x1250.

Fiber Laser Welding Machine - Vistmac Sheet Metal Machine

It can weld a wide range of metal,including the stainless steel,carbon steel,copper,aluminum,galvanized plate,etc. Widely applied in the fields of aeronautical and space, mechanism, electron, communication, dynamic,Chemical, automobile manufacture and other industries. Here laser welding machine maximum welded capacity. 1000W. Handheld Optical Fiber Laser Welding Machine HSGThe electro-optical conversion rate of continuous laser device is as high as above 45%, which is 15 times that of solid YAG laser (3%), and its power stability is ±0.5%; there is no optical lens in resonant cavity, and pump source can last for over 100000h, basically maintenance-free. IPG CNC Fiber Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine 3mm 4mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 10mm 20mm 25mm 30mm IPG CNC . Fiber Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine for Brass Iron Steel Aluminum Overview FL4000-6020 6x2M CNC Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine has equiped with double exchange working tables, size 2000x6000mm, which can protect the workers during cutting very big metal sheet to get big size workpieces. The laser power is very high, that

Laser Cutting Machine,Fibre Laser Cutter,Solid State YAG

QY-1530LC Solid State Laser Cutting Machine (YAG Laser Machine):Features of QY-1530LC Solid State Laser Cutting Machine:1. 600W Solid State YAG Laser Machine 2. 600W Pulse Laser System 3. Professional CNC Laser Cutting Operation System 4. Gantry CNC Platform (Effective Working Area:1500*3000mm) 5. Latest Collection Of Leading-Edge yag steel cutting Stainless steel plate laser cutting machine applicable materials:Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, copper sheet, aluminum heet, gold, silver, titanium sheet and pipe. cutting speed:8m/min 8m/min 8m/min Stainless steel plate laser cutting machine for metal buying tips:Please let us know following informations:1.What Metal Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-XDLASERMetal plate fiber laser cutting machine cuts stainless steel plates,mild steel plates,aluminum plates,copper plates and other plates you may need to cut. The cutting thickness is from 0.4mm to 25mm depends on the laser power.

YAG LASER 1325 Tommy Industrial

The Tommy Industrial YAG laser utilizes a xenon lamp as pumping sourcing, the optical mirror will make laser beam of high energy and high density from laser focused on the surface of the metal parts, and the part of area that spot shined to will be melted and evaporated instantly, automatic cutting is controlled by digital CNC software. The laser cutting machine is the collection of laser yag laser cutter carbon steel sheet - EN10025-6 HSLA STEEL Applicable to cutting on plate or tube in stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, etc. 500W Special Aluminum Laser Cutting Machine For Sheet yag laser cutter carbon steel sheetWhen it comes to high-carbon steel, laser cutting edge quality is better than mild steel, but the heat affected zone is a little worse. 3, Stainless steel cutting its easy to cut stainless steel sheet. The maximum cutting thickness of high-power YAG laser cutting yag laser cutter for carbon steel, yag laser cutter for < Sponsored Listing In the lines of hardware and metal sheet industries, laser cutting technology can be partially replace the line cutting. The fiber &yag laser cutting machine technical parameters 80% of the parts are imported, mainly from USA, Germany and Japan.

The Application Of Laser Cutting In Sheet Metal Industry

Main advantages:high power, general power is between 2000 ~ 4000W, which can cut the full size within 25mm of stainless steel, carbon steel and other conventional materials, as well as the aluminum within 4mm and acrylic board within 60mm, wood material board, PVC board and cutting sheet etc. very fast.