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Dec 21, 2018 · Aluminum Sand Casting and sand casting process is always used for heavy part with big wall thickness and very strong mechanical property after T6 heat treatment. Its also better to avoid porosity inside casting after secondary machining. Carbon Steel Castings Foundries China Metal FoundryAs a full-service metal foundry, we support you from the pattern design, finished castings to machining through engineering design, investment casting (lost wax process), sand casting, CNC machining, and heat treatment as well as surface treatment for the stainless steel castings, alloy steel castings, carbon steel castings, grey cast iron castings, ductile cast iron castings and non-ferrous

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Green sand casting:Type of sand casting characterized by the use of a wet sand mixture to create a mold. Dry sand molds are limited in the amount of weight they can support; green sand molds can support a much higher mass. In addition to water, bentonite, clay, and anthracite are normal components of green sand mixtures. Heat treatment: Chain Wheel, Gear - China Customized Casting, Precision Chain Wheel, Gear. Foring carbon steel, stainless steel. CNC machining. T teeth, high precision, even pitch of teeth, complicated angle. Used in automobile, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, joint swivel parts with good heat treatment to improve hardness. Enhancing wear resistance and toughness. Categories China Cast Steel Sand Casting Factories and Manufacturers Heat Treatment:Annealing In the production of steel sand castings, cast steel smelting is a key process. Before each pouring, a pre-furnace analysis is required. The proportion of each chemical element must meet the requirements of customers and practical applications.

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Product Details:Process:forging or casting Wheel Diameter:144mm~1200mm or as you demand Heat treatment:quenching and tempering Material:steel, 42CrMo,65Mn,50SiMn,ZG55,etc Quenching depth:no less than 20mm SupplyAbility:10000 Piece/Pieces per Month Packaging Detailswooden cases or cartons Contact Now. China Heavy Steel Casting, China Heavy Steel Casting Super qaulity carbon steel die casting for heavy vehicle We are professional manufacturer which mainly produce various casting steel parts and casting iron parts. we have strong economic and technology energy, with perfect test instrument and test method, advanced processing machinery and heat treatment equipment. besides of precoated sand casting and clay sand casting, investment casting Ductile iron casting Advantage Application JC castingAt present, we use 2 main producing methods for iron casting:lost foam casting and sand casting processes. This is also used for grey iron castings. Besides casting, we also have value-added services of heat treatment, machining, and more. Contact us for your request. You will get the best solution that matches your project.

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channel-type melting-, holding- and casting furnaces, casting plants. for the metals iron, steel, copper, aluminium, magnesium, silicon and zinc. The business unit induction melting furnaces provides foundries all over the world, which supply the following markets:the general engineering. the wind power industry and the solar power industry. Industrial Furnaces and Ovens Nutec BickleyNutec Bickley is a continuous Iso-tunnel furnace manufacturer for temperatures up to 1,950ºF in the Tube, Rod and wire industry. Used to perform applications of Heat treatment (Austenitizing, quench & tempering) of steel round bars, API tubes and casings. With recuperative burners performing fuel savings from 10% up to 50% vs cold air system. Metal-Casting Processes and Equipment; Heat TreatmentMetal-Casting Processes and Equipment; Heat Treatment . Questions . 5.1 . Describe the characteristics of (1) an alloy, (2) pearlite, (3) austenite, (4) martensite, and (5) cementite. (a) Alloy:composed of two or more elements, at least one element is a metal. The al­ loy may be a solid solution or it may form interrnetallic compounds.

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Electric arc furnaces:(5t) 1 set, (10t) 1 set. Refining furnace:15t 1 sets. Automatic molding lines:7 - heat treatment furnaces:4 sets. - time for making pattern equipment at least 10 days, casting - at least 6 days - our own testing laboratory Qingdao Lucky stone import and export Co. - Home CNC Machining stainless steel sealed end cap. Luckystone strictly control every producing process of casting parts, and we are producing many kinds of castings, especially with CNC Machine works. Raw materials which we could cast:Grey iron, ductile iron, ADI, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum and stainless steel. STEEL CASTINGS HANDBOOK - SFSAOrdering Steel Castings 5 4. Selection of material specification and heat treatment. 5. Quality of parts to be produced. Layout It is imperative that every casting design when first produced be checked to determine whether all machining requirements called for on the drawings may be attained. This may be best accomplished by having a complete

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Jul 22, 2021 · Advanced melting equipment-E.A.F and A.O.D are the key equipment to make high-quality casting. The gas content in the steel can be controlled under extremely low level. Professional heat treatment-The heat treatment methods, the loading methods, the capacity of the quench tank, the speed of agitation system, all of these are under our control.Flanged Track Wheels Sand Casting, Investment Casting Dec 21, 2018 · Cast Iron Wheels was made by sand casting process, its also named as guide rollers or Track casters for railway. Casting Material:Grey Iron or alloy iron. Methods:Green Sand Casting with precision machining. Cast iron caster wheels are used for heavy duty applications and a cost-effective alternative to drop forged steel wheels.