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Laser cutting of thick sheet metals:the nominal focal length of the focusing lens particularly for Effects of cutting parameters on kerf size variations, thin work pieces. Journal of materials processing technology 201 (2008) Avanish Kumar Dubey, Vinod Yadava [5] reveals 285290. the quality of laser cut kerfs mainly depends on ANALYSIS OF THE HEAT AFFECTED ZONE IN CO2 LASER The CO2 laser cutting parameters considered in the present study were laser power (P), cutting speed (v), assist gas pressure (p), and focus position (f). The parameters were var-ied in the following range:laser power 1.6-2 kW, cutting speed 2-3 m/min., assist gas pres-sure 12 bar and focus position 2.5 mm to

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Parametric investigation and modelling of hardness and surface quality in CO2 laser cutting process of AISI 314 Stainless steel VSDG Jayaprakash Journal of New Materials for Electrochemical Systems 20 (3), 101 - 107 , 2017 EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATIONS OF CO2 LASER CUT laser cutting of various engineering materials with special emphasis on experimental investigations that dealt with analyzing process parameters that affect the cut quality characteristics. In Effect of Process Parameters on the Quality of Laser-Cut In this paper, the effect of process parameters such as cutting speed, laser power, frequency, duty cycle and gas pressure have been investigated on hard die steel plate (EN-31, 10 mm thick) to

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Aug 07, 2020 · This study reports on complete glass cutting using a single CO2 laser beam with a low power of several tens of watts. In this study, the morphological characteristics of a cut surface and the process window for complete cutting were investigated at various process conditions. The damage threshold (in laser energy per unit length) for the glass surface was found to be 0.0203 J/mm. Fibre laser cutting of carbon fibrereinforced polymeric Oct 10, 2013 · In this article, an investigation on the basic characteristics of high-power single-mode ytterbium-doped fibre laser machining of carbon fibrereinforced polymer is reported. Statistical analysis was performed for the optimisation of the process parameters in single-pass cutting. Hybridization of Response Surface Methodology and Further the process of CO2 laser cutting with continuous and pulsed modes was examined with some researcher and their results revealed that pulsed mode generated good surface quality

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Mar 10, 2021 · These application components have required micro-holes on CFRP for joining different components. In the present work, micro-holes are fabricated on CFRP using CO2 laser for achieving the high-quality-dimensional precision and accurate hole. The input parameters such as laser power, cutting velocity and argon pressure were varied. Laser cutting process A Review - ResearchGateand J. Pou, Parametric investigation of CO2 laser cutting of 2024-T3 alloy, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol 210, 2010, 1 1152. Parametric Analysis of Process Parameters of Laser Cutting Single mode fiber each material respectively. Anova carried out for laser with its excellent beam quality is ideally suited identifies significant parameters. for cutting thin section cutting (1-3 mm thick) at higher cutting speeds compare to a CO2 laser.

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Mar 03, 2008 · Caiazzo et al. (2005) investigated the CO 2 laser cutting of polymeric materials, specifically applied to polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polycarbonate (PC) in order to provide potential future industrial users of this technology with exhaustive information on optimum power levels and cutting velocities as well of the quality of the surfaces. According these authors the laser cutting workability of the three polymers under investigation State-Of-The-Art and Trends in CO2 Laser Cutting of The influence of parametric variation on the cut quality is also explained. Cut quality in terms of KW, SR, HAZ, dross formation, and striations formation is analyzed by optimizing cutting variables like laser power (PL), cutting speed (CS), assist gas pressure (Pg), pulse frequency, nozzle type and its diameter, and stand-off distance (SOD). Using orthogonal experimental method optimizing surface Jun 08, 2016 · Abstract. CO 2 laser cutting is an advanced processing technology, which can, according to the computer-aided design graphics, cut a variety of shapes in the surfaces of many polymer sheets. This work aims to analyze the effect of laser power, scanning speed, and processing times on the surface roughness of polymethyl-methacrylate microchannels with CO 2 laser LCJG-1290 cutting


economically. The width of laser cut or kerf, quality of the cut edges and the operating cost are affected by laser power, cutting speed, assist gas pressure, nozzle diameter and focus point position as well as the work-piece material. In this paper CO 2 laser cutting of stainless steel of medical grade AISI316L has been investigated.