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May 30, 2000 · 05 58 13 - Column Covers. 05 59 00 - Metal Specialties. 05 70 00 - Decorative Metal. 05 71 00 - Decorative Metal Stairs. 05 73 00 - Decorative Metal Railings. 05 73 16 - Wire Rope Decorative Metal Railings. 05 74 00 - Decorative Metal Castings. Remove Filter. 81 CAD Drawings for Category:05 30 00 - Metal Decking. Creating Structural Floors with A Metal Deck Profile in Mar 30, 2017 · For a Metal or steel deck floor system, you need to have 2 Layers (ie one for the Metal deck, and one for the concrete topping). Click on the Insert button to create a new layer, and use the Up and Down buttons to move them into the correct order. On the Function column to the left, you can select from the drop-down the appropriate category.

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Jul 15, 2020 · Composite slab with profiled metal decking provides economical solutions for floors of steel framed building systems. This is because they are easier to install, lighter in weight, and faster to execute when compared with precast, prestressed, and solid slab system for steel-framed buildings. The composite action of this floor system is achieved by welding steel studs to the top flange of the steel Discover Flyte Low Profile Three Hole Deck Mounted Flyte Low Profile Three Hole Deck Mounted Lavatory Faucet with Metal Cross Handles from the Flyte collection is a leading example of luxury lavatory. Discover the very best in How Much Does Metal Deck Cost (Rates, Factors, & Fees)Oct 25, 2019 · The thicker the steel the more the metal deck is going to cost. Depending on the profile type, we carry the following gauges:22 GA. 20 GA, 18 GA, & 16 GA. With Metal Deck, the smaller the Gauge number the thicker the steel. So what this means is 16 Gauge is thicker than 18 Gauge and 18 Gauge is thicker than 20 Gauge.

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Western Metal Deck 616 S. Oaks Ave. Ontario, CA 91762 909-467-2016 Metal Roofing and Metal Siding by ASC ProfilesProducts that meet the demands for structural performance and design. AEP Span, ASC Building Products, and ASC Steel Deck are leading manufacturers of metal roof, wall, and steel decking which serve different segments of the construction industry. Together they are part of BlueScope, a global leader in premium branded coated and painted steel Metal deck CSM Products and SolutionsSteel roof deck is designed for pitched, flat, or arched construction on virtually all types of buildings.Roof deck is popular because it is strong, lightweight, economical, and easy to install.Roof deck can be produced with acoustical, cellular, or cellular/acoustical properties, if required.. Click on the profile or deck name for more information or to request a quote.

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7/8" depth, 36" Overall Width - 32" Net Coverage for Roof / 34-2/3" Net Coverage for Wall; Through-Fastened Metal Roof or Wall Panel; Variety of Finishes / Colors Available for 26 GA, 24 GA, 22 GA, and 20 GA; Custom Colors / Finishes Require Min. 4,350 Sq. Ft. Perforation Available in 3 Patterns from 7% - 23% Open Areas (Req. Min. 1,450 Sq. Ft. Order) RoofDek Structural Roof Deck Solutions Composite ProfilesStrong midspan profile for use on purlins or main steel.. Span range 2.5m to 4m. Steel 0.7mm, 0.9mm, 1.2mm galvanised or interior liner white finish. Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel 0.7mm. Aluminium 0.9mm stucco or coated, 1.2mm mill finish. Available with Colorcoat® High Reflect. Courtesy of Tata Steel Roofing Profiles Select Metal RoofingWe use only Bluescope Steel products. They manufacture high strength, lightweight metal roof and wall cladding in an attractive range of modern profiles suitable for homes, industrial, commercial and rural buildings. The following are some of our roofing profiles:Corrugated Roofing Ribbed, reliable and now comes in 3 sizes.

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Steel Deck. Steel deck is a cold formed corrugated steel sheet supported by steel joists or beams. It is used to support concrete or insulating membrane of a roof. It was developed to provide a structurally efficient product for use in roof and floor systems. Its design and fabrication maximizes the properties of the steel in order to create a Trapezoidal steel profiles Münker Metallprofile GmbHTrapezoidal steel profiles from the manufacturer Trapezoidal steel profiles for roof and wall in different metal sheet thicknesses and colours. Münker Metallprofile GmbH makes trapezoidal profiles at state-of-the-art profiling systems for industrial and commercial construction. The product range includes all standard heights of profiles for a Type B Roof Deck (Wide Rib) - D-MAC IndustriesB16. 6-0. 6-6. 7-5. 9-4. As previously mentioned, Type B deck is the most commonly used roof deck for new construction projects. In comparison to other roof decks such as Type A and Type F, Type B roof decks have a higher strength-to-weight ratio, are more economical, and

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steel deck profiles have depths that range from 13 8 to 71 2. Panel lengths range from 5 feet to 45 feet. Steel deck panels are supplied with both galvanized and painted finishes to meet an array of project finish requirements. Product Description To assist designers with specifying the correct steel deck