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Does 'Maga' Mean 'Easily Fooled Idiot' in Nigerian Pidgin

Claim:The word "maga" means "easily fooled idiot" in Nigerian Pidgin. MAGA MEANING & GOOD JOE The Weekly OpineJul 23, 2020 · A perfect lead-in to the meaning of MAGA, which now means Me A Gullible American. (Not me, but anyone who wears a MAGA hat and says they voted for Trump because he is a smart businessman.) MAGA has acronym cousins, too. Like MADA:Me A Dunce American. Or MATA:Me A Traitor American. Or MACA:Me A Confederate American. Or MARA:Me A Racist American.

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maga (mah-gah) A feminine noun is almost always used with feminine articles and adjectives (e.g. la mujer bonita, la luna llena). feminine noun. 1. (enchantress) a. sorceress. La maga se valía de magia oscura para conseguir sus propósitos. The sorceress used black magic for her own benefit. b. magician. El príncipe partió en busca de una Manipulating America True MeaningMAGA Hat Ammo Get your MAGA True Meaning Red Hat while supplies last. Let Trump and his ignorant treasonous supporters know what MAGA really means. Additional information. Weight.5 lbs:Dimensions:12 × 12 × 8 in:RED:Red. Related products. Trump Bullseye Target Sale! $ 3.99 $ 2.99 Sold By :Ammo Daily Deals Add to cart Sohn:The real meaning of MAGA Chattanooga Times Free Who knew that MAGA doesn't really mean Make America Great Again? What it actually may mean is My Attorneys Get Arrested. You'll recall that Trump's previous personal attorney and fixer, Michael

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Oct 10, 2020 · Teacher tells virtual class MAGA really means make America racist and sexist again thats why theres all these people going Make America Great Again, what they mean is Urban Dictionary:MAGAA group of hillbilly redneck cousin fukkkers. McDonald And Golf Again- the work ethic of Donald Trump. As leader by the GOP (Grace Of Putin) Trump uses junk food bingeing and taxpayer funded trips to his private links as a way to deal with his monumental incompetence, dishonesty and cowardice. What Does MAGA Mean? - SlanguideSo, What Does MAGA Mean? MAGA is an acronym that stands for Make America Great Again, which is a political slogan that was frequently used by Donald Trump in his 2016 presidential campaign. MAGA (or #MAGA) is usually written at the end of a political statement, and is used to identify with and e support for Donald Trump and his policies.

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Sep 25, 2020 · To me, MAGA means this:To elaborate, MAGA to me means that you're so busy owning the libs that you're only hurting yourself, and you're proud of that. Last edited:Sep 25, 2020What MAGA really means Designs on the TruthAug 07, 2019 · What MAGA really means Posted on August 7, 2019 In response to the controversy over Baltimore and the citys rundown, dangerous, rat-infested neighborhoods, Scott Presler, a conservative, Trump supporter, founder of The Persistence and gasp! gay, organized a clean-up day ~