Fun with Recycling

Most people are pretty conscientious about recycling if the option is available to them. In my neighborhood, there are large bins for glass, plastics and paper so it’s quite easy to do your part for nature. One artist though wanted to combine recycling with a more do-it-yourself theme. Dave Hakkens has designed his own machine to recycle plastic.

The Dutch designer created the machine in order to make it easier to make new products. He plans to share his design freely so anyone can make their own at-home plastic recycler. The Precious Plastic machine, as it is called, uses a number of industrial machines, including a plastic shredder, extruder, injection molder and rotation molder. They’ve all been modified however to be a bit less complex and easier to work with.

Hakkens got the idea when he learned how little plastic is actually recycled, and how a lot of manufacturers don’t use recycled plastic mainly because the recycled material isn’t as sturdy or reliable as new plastic. Hakkens designed his machine, gathered plastic from friends and family and refined the Precious Plastic mechanisms in order to create plastic he then used in his own designs.