American versus British Smackdown: Last call vs last orders

It’s late and you’re in a bar in the US and the bartender will call out, “Last call,” meaning the bar is about to shut and this is the last opportunity to order a drink. In the UK, people are more likely to visit a pub and the publican (the person who runs the pub) will call out “Last orders”, which is the British way of saying the pub is closing.

Collecting Collocations: Bid adieu / farewell

This is a very formal way of saying goodbye. What is interesting is that while we can use bid with adieu and farewell we cannot use it with the word goodbye.

Ideal Guide to Idioms: Last shout

This may stem from another idiomatic expression. A shout is an act of buying friends drinks. A last shout is the last drinks, so a last shout can also mean that last offering by someone or more simply a farewell.

Phrasal Verb Phreak Out: Round off

When we round off we take the number to the closest multiple of five or ten. It can also be a way of saying that something was completed. For example, ‘They rounded off dinner with some dessert.’

Word of the Day: Finale

This word is used for the final climactic ending of something. It began with musical performances but is now used for TV shows as well. The word comes from Italian and has the same root as the English word final.